Established in 2008, AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. (“AFCC”) is a Burnaby, B.C. based joint venture of Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company developing fuel cell modules for automotive applications.

The foundation of AFCC was preceded by the Fuel Cell Alliance which was formed in 1997 between Daimler, Ford and Ballard to jointly advance the commercialization of automotive fuel cell technology. Following a successful 10-year alliance, Ballard sold its automotive fuel cell assets to Daimler and Ford in 2008. These assets are now resident in AFCC.

Today, AFCC is a joint-venture among Daimler and Ford Motor Company. AFCC also works closely with fuel cell systems developer NuCellSys GmbH and Daimler’s fuel cell stack manufacturing group at Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cells, co-located with AFCC in Burnaby, BC.

As the birthplace of the automotive fuel cell, British Columbia is the natural home for AFCC due to the large concentration of fuel cell experts in the area and the province’s commitment to fuel cell research and innovation.

AFCC employs over 200 people committed to the commercialization of this technology in automotive applications.