AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp. , (“AFCC”), the fuel cell center of excellence for Daimler and Ford Motor Company, is developing next-generation technology for zero-emission automobiles.

A world leader in fuel cell stack development, AFCC is a joint-venture among Daimler and Ford Motor Company. AFCC also works closely with fuel cell systems developer NuCellSys GmbH and Daimler’s fuel cell stack manufacturing group at Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cells, co-located with AFCC in Burnaby, BC.

As another major step to commercialization of fuel cell vehicles, Nissan has joined Daimler and Ford in a joint fuel cell program centered in Burnaby. Within the Alliance, AFCC is responsible for the research, product development, and a successful product launch of reliable and high-performance fuel cell stacks.

By providing the best balance of cost, performance, robustness and durability available, AFCC’s goal is to make the automotive fuel cell an affordable and reliable zero-emission solution in the 2017 timeframe.