Working at AFCC

People at AFCC are working together to deliver zero emission vehicles, thereby reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our environment.

This sense of a shared vision inspires us to work hard and have fun!

Join AFCC and help us deliver the goal of clean transportation!

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I have had the opportunity to transition from Research and Development to Supply Chain and Operations. Recently, I made the jump to Human Resources where I found my passion for people. I can’t think of any other company where I would’ve been able to do that. I feel very lucky to be part of AFCC’s team.

Reza Rahmani


At AFCC, we’re proud of the many things we have accomplished since our inception in 2008.

We have been recognized by the UBC Engineering Co-op Program as Employer of the Year for our commitment to developing young engineering talent.

Our cycling culture has also earned us several HUB Bike to Work Week awards.  These awards are given to the company with the most cycling trips during the annual Bike To Work Week competitions.  AFCC has won in the 101-250 employees category three years in a row 2014, 2015, and 2016.

In November 2016, AFCC was recognized by International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a CoachingWise organization. This recognition is awarded to companies who demonstrate a commitment to building and sustaining a coaching culture through organizational and leadership beliefs and practices that reflect coaching as a strategic business driver.

AFCC was also awarded the prestigious PRISM Coaching Award. This International Coaching Federation (ICF -Vancouver) award is the highest coaching award category in all of British Columbia.  The bi-annual award was received for AFCC’s coaching excellence at an organizational level!

Ford Motor Company, one of AFCC’s two parent companies, recently recognized AFCC with the Ford Motor Company 2016 Global Diversity and Inclusion Award (DIA) in the category of “Strengthening Strategic Partnerships”. Overall, AFCC was recognized for making a significant contribution to the team by fostering excellence through its coaching and leadership development initiatives and role modeling Ford’s values.

For me, AFCC brings challenge and inspiration. The work is dynamic and rewarding but it is the quality of the team that makes it special. It draws together talented, passionate, team-oriented and driven professionals to push themselves to exceed their own expectations.

Joy Roberts

Career Growth

AFCC is committed to the growth and achievement of our team. We do this by offering comprehensive career development opportunities (job rotation, stretch assignment, opportunities posted internally), as well as training and development programs.

We also provide one on one coaching for our employees. Career growth opportunities fall into either our technical or management streams where employees can build technical expertise or leadership capabilities.

Co-ops and Internships

AFCC is committed to discovering talent and nurturing individuals by connecting them with opportunities to grow and learn by contributing to our mission and vision. The selected co-op students go on to work in one of our many component teams, where they will gain hands-on experience in developing tools and processes, testing fuel cell stacks, and performing experiments related to fuel cell research and development. In 2014, we were recognized as Employer of the Year for Outstanding Support of the UBC Engineering Co-op Program.

At AFCC we have over twenty co-ops at any given time, so students can network with other students in their prospective fields. The program coordinates with the university co-op offices to ensure that the students obtain the necessary credits for their work at AFCC, which can be for 4 or 8 months and, in exceptional circumstances, maybe longer.

Every day here is an opportunity to see something new and unique, a chance to venture into uncharted territory. The opportunity for discovery keeps things fun and exciting for me, and that is why I walk through the door at AFCC in the morning eager to see what each day will bring.

Donat Gaudreau

Compensation and Benefits

AFCC takes pride in offering best-in-class benefits to our employees:

  • Industry competitive compensation
  • Bonus & Incentive Programs
  • Medical, Dental and Extended Health Coverage
  • RRSP
  • In-house and External Training
  • AFCC Days (2 additional paid days in December)
  • Employee Recognition Program
  • Paid parental leave (2 weeks)
  • Relevant professional association fees
  • Patent awards

Company Culture

Our company culture is something that makes us unique. We participate in a number of different events throughout the year. Many of our employees ride to work during Bike-to-Work Week.

We also have an annual United Way Fundraiser and company-wide cook off during the holidays.

Job Postings